We firmly believe that toxicity should not be considered a part of the typical "gaming experience".
Insults are not an appropriate form of communication and we no longer want to provide a platform for toxic people.

We stand for sportsmanship and friendly cooperation in gaming and eSport.



We recognize that the nature and degree of toxic behavior can differ based on the perspective of different participants. The line between friendly banter (trash talk) and toxicity is not a clearly defined entity, often subject to individual opinions and community preferences among others.
Nonetheless, we believe that the general trend of social interaction on gaming platforms has indubitably led to a more hostile environment. While the criticism and the onus of responsibility has often been levied against platform providers to provide better enforcement against toxic behavior, we believe that the gaming community has an important role to play as well.

With this project, we want to set an example and draw attention to the fact that "toxicity" does not have to be a part of normality. We strongly oppose the trivialization of offensive phrases, and support teammates and opponents when they are insulted by players.
We recognize that we cannot easily police the negative behavior of others, and there is in fact validity in the school of debate around whether a clampdown on toxic behavior constitutes a violation of an individual’s rights to free speech.
However, what we certainly can do, is positively reinforce our community, and perhaps help define a new normal for in game interactions which doesn’t glorify toxicity.

Send us screenshots on Twitter highlighting positive examples of how negative behavior was dealt with in games, and we would be happy to share them.

If you would like to commit yourself to this principle, please send us an email with your logo and a corresponding link of your choice. By doing so, please note that you allow us to display this information under our ‘Supporters’ section. If at any time you would like to have your logo removed from the page, just send us an email and we would be happy to oblige.
We also reserve the right to remove the logos of organizations/people that attract negative attention.